Wellness guide

How do you care for your body?

Do you know what your body needs? Are you aware of your body's call for help when you consume toxin laden foods? Really, most of us are not aware that when we eat those absurdly high fat products, we are actually abusing our body's well-being. The effect may not be instant, but in the long run,you'll get a lesson. By then it'll be either too late or chances of recovery is slim. So,it's important that you take an earlier precaution to preserve your wellness when you can still have fun running in the park without as care, before you lose that pleasure.

Start NOW!

Now is the perfect time to discover wellness.Discover about your body. About health. About the way your mind connects to you physically. This is the time. The choice is yours. Don't give a chance for regrets to appear in your future. Love yourself, love your body, start to understand it now, and take care of it now.
It's surprisingly easy, the ways to keep our health in the pink.
All we need to do is have a balanced diet with vitamins, minerals, fiber, enough of the exercise,moderate not excessive and you just need to have a positive attitude, a positive mindset, a positive outlook.
Why is it important that we maintain a positive state of mind?Well, stress and anxiety or whatever feeling that causes our hearts to beat faster than it normally does usually triggers the burst of hormones, this leads to a hectic chemical balance in our body,thus giving a rise to the onset of diseases.These days however, stress has become a common occurrence,thus we must play a role in balancing whatever chaos in our body. How you say?;-
  • Take supplements.
  • Have enough rest and sleep.
  • Exercise moderately, a 30 minute of daily brisk walks does much good to the body.
  • Have a balanced diet, cut down on fatty foods.
  • Forgive & forget. Have gratitude and patience.
  • Have a laugh once in while, it does wonder to your health.

Of oral's hygiene & well-being

Fancy for a mouthwash? Try these natural solutions instead of  fancy mouth washing product. It’s clear which one is the better option. Choose wisely.
Pineapple-contains bromelain,a digestive enzyme that acts as a natural cleanser for a cleaner,refreshing breath.

Yogurt-reduces plaque and gingivitis as well as stinky hydrogen sulfide, make a healthier choice while preserving a good dental health and a vibrant smile, good bacteria diminish the present of bad bacteria,thus providing cleanliness to your mouth and your tummy,pick the sugar free options.

Cranberries-prevents plaque and bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

Raw Veggies- increasing saliva production,thus helps to wash off food particles and acids on the teeth.

**!! NO SMOKING!! if you prefer GOOD GUMS AND MOUTH WELLNESS, SMOKING IS A MAJOR CAUSE OF GUM DISEASE AND ORAL CANCER!!** Plus its bad for lungs health and deteriorates bodily functions.

Now, quit that cigarette puff and go enjoy your food while benefiting your body health and preserving a clean, refreshing breath. Isn’t this just awesome? Give it a try! Thanks for reading..